QHow do I pay for monthly parking?
You can mail in your payment, pay cash at the parking office or setup Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.
QCan I replace a damaged parking permit?
It will cost $25.00 to replace a damaged or lost hang tag and $10.00 to replace a damaged or lost permit/card. If you are replacing a damaged hang tag/permit/card you must have it with you at the time of the replacement.
QWhat happens if my monthly access card or permit is lost or stolen?
You are responsible for your access card and/or permit. If you happen to lose access cards or permits you will be required to purchase a replacement for $10.00. If you lose your hang tag you will be required to purchase a replacement for $25.00.
QWhat do I do if someone parks in my reserved space?
Please park in another non-reserved stall and immediately notify the parking office. We will issue a citation to the offender.
QHow do I sign up for monthly parking?
Forms are in the office and online. They must be completed and payment must be made in our office. Please feel free to call our office. It is an easy process.
QHow do I cancel my monthly parking?
We require 15 days written notice for ACH customers and 10 days written notice if you pay monthly in the office. Cancellation forms are available online or can be picked up at the parking office. Forms must then be turned into the office.
QCan I allow someone else to use my permit?
For your protection, permits are not allowed to be shared between customers. Permits are issued to individuals and are connected to the individual parker’s license plate.
QIs online payment safe?
Your security is our biggest concern! Your private information is safe and secure with our online payment system. We use the most advanced technology to keep your information private and secure.
QIs there a night drop for citation payments?
We have drop boxes located at the 3rd Ave. SE exit of 3rd Ave. Parkade and in front of the 4th Ave. Parkade elevator lobby on the 4th Ave. SE side.
QWhere can I find 10-hour meter parking?
4th Ave. and Ground Transportation Center (GTC) Parkades.
QWhat can I do to dispute my parking citation?
You can fill out our online appeals form and submit it for consideration. The appeal must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the citation.
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