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How Do I Sign Up?

Customers can sign up for a free PayByPhone account by   1-888-450-7275, downloading the PayByPhone app (Blackberry, iPhone and Android are all supported) or by visiting

We recommend visiting to set up your account. Please have the following items handy when setting up your account for the first time:

  • Mobile phone number
  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AM/EX)
  • The license plate of your car(s)
  • Cedar Rapids location number: 5231

You can also sign up directly on your mobile phone/device by scanning the QR code located on the front of any LUKE pay station located in downtown Cedar Rapids.

The next time you park, your details will be automatically recognized. All you do is enter the location #5231 and the amount of time you wish to park.

Accounts may also be set up by calling 1-888-450-7275. The account will be activated immediately and the parking session can be started on the initial phone call.


Here's how it works...

Once an account has been established with PayByPhone, customers will need both their location number (Cedar Rapids: 5231) and space number to complete their transaction. The location number is currently listed on a sticker on the front of each LUKE pay station, while the space number is located on the orange sign by the individual parking space. Customers are also asked to note the maximum allowed length of stay at their current location, which is also located on the orange space sign by the individual parking space.


Frequently Asked Questions
QWhy am I charged a “convenience” fee for every transaction?
Park Cedar Rapids is partnering with provider PayByPhone (formerly Verrus) to provide the new pay by phone service. Customers should note that all transactions will be subject to a 25 cent convenience fee that is charged by the service provider. Park Cedar Rapids is not receiving any of the convenience fee revenue.
QHow does the parking enforcement officer know I’ve paid by phone?
When you pay for parking by phone, your license plate and parking time are automatically displayed on the device used by the parking enforcement officer.
QHow do I add an additional vehicle to my account?
Go to and log into your account or use on your smartphone. You may add up to nine vehicles. You can also call the displayed number and follow the prompts.
QIs it safe to do a credit or debit card transaction on a mobile phone?
Yes. Your credit or debit card number is encrypted when you sign up and is never entered, displayed or spoken during a transaction.
QWhen will I see the transactions on my credit card or bank account statement?
Each time you pay for parking with Verrus, the payment is processed in real-time. Your charge will appear as “Pay By Phone Parking” on your statement.
QDo I get a receipt?
You can view all your transaction by logging onto your account at All parking charges can be printed off in the form of a receipt. E-mail receipts are available; select this option feature on your profile.
QWhere can I use it?
Vancouver, BC; Miami, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL; South Miami, FL; Greenwich, CT; Aspen, CO; New Orleans, LA; Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL; Lexington, KY; San Francisco, CA; Anchorage, AK; Ann Arbor, MI; Long Beach, CA; Redwood City, CA; White Plains, NY; Oakland, CA; Sacramento, CA; Seattle, WA...and more!


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